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Hundreds of millions of app users already agreed to join as peers to network.

Over 80% of the users prefer to join our network rather than watching ads or buying subscriptions.

Our partners have successfully increased their user retention up to 15% due to a better user experience.

You are losing daily active users and installs due to ad fatigue

In today's highly competitive app market the revenue you generate from ads comes at a great cost.

Your users are forced to watch countless ads while using your app generating a bad user experience, making them look for alternatives from your competitors, decreasing your user base every day. 

Grow engagement

Users engage more with apps that don't display ads.

Increase store ratings

Deliver a better experience to your users and get more love.

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Earn more without compromising your user base

Start earning today with, a revolutionary alternative to traditional ads in apps that generates higher revenues while providing the best user experience for your users.

We provide app developers with a simple SDK, helping them start earning passive income from users when their device's resource are free, enabling you to capitalize on and tap into new previously non-existent revenue streams.

Up to $0.05 per user

Maximize your earnings with our solution.

Real-time updates

Use our dashboard to keep track of your earnings.

Easy Setup

3 Steps To Earn More

Join our fast-growing app developers community.

Create an Account

Sign up for a account and integrate our ready-to-use SDK into your Android, Windows or MacOS apps.

Install the SDK

Follow our developer friendly docs, install our SDK and link your application in the dasboard.

Start Earning

Offer your users an alternative for an ad-free experience, all users who opt-in start generating revenue for you instantly.

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